Best Buddy Center

Campaign and Construction UPDATE!

Thanks to our many wonderful, generous donors, the New Horizons Campaign has achieved its goal of $16 million. Construction is well underway. Planning has begun for a gala Dedication and Grand Opening celebration in Spring 2017.

The new Center, located at the intersection of Page Avenue and Schuetz Road, will significantly expand the Humane Society of Missouri’s ability to provide second chances for the thousands of abused, neglected and abandoned animals in the St. Louis area and provide first-class veterinary care to the public.

Take a drive by Page at Scheutz Road, and you’ll see all four walls and workers inside the building!
The Center’s highly visible and accessible location will:

  • Attract potential adopters to an inviting, interactive adoption experience
  • Provide veterinary clients more convenient access to HSMO’s nationally accredited Animal Medical Center of Mid-America
  • Showcase HSMO’s animal welfare, community and humane education services

The most important goal of the New Horizons Campaign is to expand HSMO’s ability to provide second chances for more of the thousands of abused,
neglected and abandoned animals in the St. Louis area so they can live their lives in the loving homes they deserve.

Best Buddy Center Construction Photos

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The Humane Society of Missouri has been on the cutting edge of animal welfare since its founding in 1870 when it was the third animal care facility to be opened in the United States. As the St. Louis population has grown west, so has HSMO. In 1974, Elizabeth Parrish, an animal lover and donor made the construction of the Westport Area Adoption/Veterinary Medical Center possible. Landlocked and difficult for clients to find, the Westport Area Center has since become obsolete. Despite incremental efforts over the years to meet increasing needs of adopters, clients, veterinarians, staff and the community, the constraints of a facility designed to shelter far fewer animals, a property with no room to expand, and a low visibility location, has led to the decision to find a more accessible location for building the Best Buddy Adoption and Veterinary Medical Center.

HSMO is one of the oldest, largest, most respected animal welfare organizations in the United States, ranking among the top five in the country. More than 85,000 animals and tens of thousands of people benefit from the life-saving, life-enriching programs and services offered by HSMO.

Our Current Facility...


old westport Maryland Heights building

The current building is located in a low-traffic, difficult-to-locate industrial park, resulting in fewer adopter and veterinary center visits.


Crowded Maryland Heights location

Space in the veterinary center is cramped and limited with only three exam rooms and no office space for the doctors. There’s little space to add new state-of-the-art equipment.


old Maryland Heights building

Kennels are outdated and difficult to clean, and pet “get acquainted” rooms are cramped and uninviting to adopters, lessening each pet’s chance of finding a home.


cramped Maryland Heights building

The lobby area, which serves both adoption and veterinary clients is small with limited customer seating and space for educational displays or pet supply and gift shop items.


Outdated old Maryland Heights

Pet ownership and the resulting problems of pet overpopulation and stray and relinquished animals have increased over the past decade, and therefore demand for our services have continued to grow.

Modeled after our current Chesterfield Valley Center, the new Best Buddy Pet Center will bring pets and people together in the friendliest, most inviting environment possible.


Accessible new Best Buddy Center in Maryland Heights

The new Best Buddy Pet Center will provide those living in St. Louis County and St. Charles County much more convenient access to HSMO’s Adoption Center and Animal Medical Center of Mid-America.


Chesterfield Valley adoption desk

Pet adopters will enjoy the experience meeting and interacting with the animals as they consider their pet options, learn about pet care, and making sure they have supplies and toys for their new best friend.


Chesterfield Valley dog kennels

Pet Penthouses spotlight animals and draw potential adopters into the shelter. People and pets can easily view and safely get to know each other, and tempered glass kennels are less stressful for the animals.


Kids training dogs

Children can participate in age-appropriate humane education classes, adults can join obedience training sessions, and shelter animals can be socialized and trained.


State of the art veterinary equipment

Surgeons and technicians will have the latest in imaging and laser equipment and laboratory and pharmacy facilities.


World Class veterinary care at the new Best Buddy Center

Open to the public, the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America will continue to provide nationally-accredited care for pets in a welcoming and professional setting.

Help make a bright future for many more dogs, cats and critters!

The Best Buddy Pet Center Endowment Fund

The next step towards transforming animal welfare in St. Louis is to ensure that fulfillment of the mission of the Humane Society of Missouri at this new center can continue for a very long time. Therefore, the Best Buddy Pet Center Endowment Fund has been created to provide ongoing funding for the operational and capital needs of this center. As you make plans for your estate, we hope you will consider helping us be there for abused, neglected and homeless animals well into the future.

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For more information, please contact
Judy Miniace, Campaign Director, at (314) 951.1515 │ or
Anne Goeckner, Chief Financial Officer, at (314) 951.1509 │